Birth Chart Rectification is the process of taking apart a person’s birth chart based on known events in a person’s life so that the person’s birth time will be known.

We all know that in order to cast a complete natal chart, it requires an exact birth time. Though it is still okay to have only a person’s date of birth in casting an astrology chart, it is highly desirable to have on hand at least an approximate time of birth before attempting to interpret a person’s birth chart.

If the birth time is unknown or not recorded, astrologers sometimes will try to figure out the time of birth by studying the events in the person’s life and trying to harmonize their chronology with one of the possible charts for that day. This process is called birth chart rectification.

There are 5 Techniques on Birth Chart Rectification and they are as follows:

1.Employ Whole Sign Houses

Whole Sign Houses are more accurate in general practice and they are useful in the rectification process. The rectification process using whole sign houses becomes easy for it will be just a matter of determining the correct rising sign, then after that, all of the other houses fall into place. Since there is a striking difference between one rising sign and another, all of the planets move to different houses when the rising sign changes.

2.Understand the Concept of Benefic and Malefic Planets and Planetary Sect

These two concepts generate general thinking that the house placement of the malefic that is opposite to the sect of the chart will often point to the area of the native’s life in which they have some of their greatest challenges, hardships and even losses.

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Also called as an astrology chart, birth charts are a tool in astrology that plot the exact positions of the heavenly bodies and signs during an individual’s birth. It helps people acquire the needed details on a person’s fate and characteristics.

The positioning of the signs and planets of a person’s natal chart will help demonstrate a person’s uniqueness and individuality.

In order to make a precise birth chart, get the precise details of your birth like your birth date that includes the exact day, month and year. The time of your birth should also be as exact as possible which is to the minute. The place of birth is also needed.

After getting the required information, you can now make your own birth chart by following these easy steps:

Draw the basic outlines on paper

Using a compass, draw 3 concentric circles on a piece of paper. Make the innermost circle at least half the size of the 2 outer ones. Divide the space between the 2 outer circles into 12 equal divisions as these divisions would symbolize the 12 zodiac signs. Label each of the 12 sections using the sign’s symbol in a counterclockwise order. Refer to the symbols online or from any astrology book for guidance. Divide each section into 30 equal degrees.
Identify the ascendant sign

Using the birth details in an ephemeris, determine your rising sign. The ephemeris is a chart that shows the positions of all heavenly bodies at a certain time and day. The ascendant is the sign that is found on the eastern horizon exactly at the time of your birth and coordinates with the birth location of an individual. Mark the ascendant on the chart after identifying it. The ephemeris will help you in determining the location by degrees.

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The Nodes of the Moon Meaning in your Birth Chart

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A person’s birth chart or natal chart has eight special points that represent important moments and areas in your life, as well as your tendencies. One of these eight special points is the Nodes of the Moon.

The Nodes of the Moon in your astrology chart, that is the North Node and South Node, suggest that all people enter into this world with some underdeveloped and overdeveloped aspects of our character.

Pointing to specific qualities, the Nodes of the Moon specifically the South Node hint of our overdeveloped character traits are easy for us to fall back on. However, if we hold on to these traits for security, they may weaken our lives. The North Node, on the other hand, suggests of the qualities that people need in order to develop so that they can find inner balance.

Both the North Node and South Node points are located directly opposite each other. They are not considered as planetary bodies but instead, they are points that take into consideration the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth. These very important points in astrology indicate your soul’s evolutionary path.

Suggesting personal karmic imbalance, the Nodes of the Moon work consciously on these ”life lessons” which will bring us to increased happiness and fulfillment.

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natal chart or birth chart is made up of a Sun sign, Moon sign, and the eight planets.

Ancient astrologers believe that each moving planet was known to have a neat and straightforward relationship with a fixed zodiacal sign where the Sun and Moon ruled one sign each and the five known planets two signs each.

In ancient times, it was believed that the planets stand for the will of the gods and their direct influence upon human affairs. However, modern astrologers believe that the planets characterize the basic drives or impulses in the human mind which are denoted by different characters through the twelve signs of the zodiac, and in the different spheres of life through the twelve houses.

The Sun sign and Moon sign, often mistakenly referred to as planets, are in fact more accurately known as luminaries. They are the most important planets in an astrology chart. Compatibility between two people is shown by their polarities.

During ancient times, in accordance with the doctrine of astrology of sect, the Sun and Moon were regarded as the rulers of two groups of the other planets. The daytime or diurnal planets are ruled by the Sun while the nighttime or nocturnal planets are ruled by the Moon.

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Birth Chart used in astrology, also known as natal chart or astrology chart, is a chart that graphically displays the positions of planets and the astrological houses at the time, date, and place of your birth and the influence they will bring on your life. Though a horoscope also claims to describe the same things, there is still a little difference between birth charts and horoscopes.

While a horoscope may present an individual with a broad outline description of the position of their planets and astrological houses; however, the birth chart creates an analysis of the various elements of an individual’s nature and forecasts their future with the help of scores of graphs, drawings and charts.

Both the horoscope and natal charts use planets to predict an individual’s nature. However, planets in astrology have different meanings from the modern astronomical meaning of a planet.

For ancient astrologers, the will of the gods and their direct influence upon human affairs is represented by the planets while modern astrologers believe that the planets signify the basic drives or impulses in the human mind. Different qualities are expressed by these drives and seen through the twelve signs of the zodiac, and in different areas of life through the twelve houses. Furthermore, the exact way the planets manifest themselves also depends on the aspects or angles that they form with each other in the sky as seen from Earth.

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For many centuries, our ancestors have used the stars, the moon, the sun, and the planets for guidance. It has been said that in order to learn your future, all you have to do is look to the heavens. Astrology has been used to predetermine their future.

Astrologers believe that the Sun, Moon, and planets’ positions at the time of a person’s birth can directly influence a person’s character. These heavenly bodies’ positions are thought to have an effect on a person’s destiny, even though many Astrologers still believe that a person’s free will still plays a great role in any individual’s life.

Astrologers have been known to use birth charts to map a person’s destiny. Though, we should bear in mind that our birth chart, also known as astrology chart or natal chart, should not be exclusively used as a tool to determine our future but just to be used as guidance for our actions in life.

Our natal charts present many hints about life and also about love and romance. The astrology chart gives many telltale signs that points to the many instances of love that have knocked on your door. All you have to do is learn how to read or interpret your natal chart.

First, take to mind an ancient rule in astrology that states that the signs point to your inner character and attitude while the houses point to the environment and exterior circumstances. The signs are “fixed” while the houses “move” around.
So, if we know that the houses illustrate the environment or external circumstances, then it would not be hard to find the external events and situations that lead to love and romance.

We should find first the sign that indicates love and romance and look at the house position it is in.

We all know that the planet of “love” is Venus; however, the sign of love is Leo.

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Horoscopes are so familiar. Even before the birth of online psychics, free horoscopes have already graced newspapers and magazines. There is just that certain charm of reading one’s horoscope or astrology that keeps people hooked to it. Being able to catch a glimpse of what may possibly happen in the future keeps us all excited to seek psychic readings.

Birth charts are also a stem of horoscopes. The difference is that birth chart look at the position of the planets at the time a person was born. So to understand better how this system works, it is also important to find out the meanings of planets and their connection to one’s astrology.

The Sun is the planet that rules Leo and, at the same time, governs the heart. Its metal is gold. It illuminates yellow and orange and it’s the bright center of one’s identity. The Sun never stops shining and in astrology, it never stops guiding the person.

The Moon rules Cancer. The best color that emanates from it is pearl. Its metal is silver. The moon deals with a person’s emotions. This is represented by the phases of the moon that are seen and unseen at certain times.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. It also rules one’s mind and affects one’s way of communicating and expressing oneself. Mercury is said to be quick and active.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Its color is copper. Pastel colors represent Venus. This planet is sensual and, therefore, rules one’s love issues.

Mars rules Aries. Its minerals are iron and steel. Red makes the color of Mars. This planet controls ambitions and sex drive.

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Your Natal Chart Wheel Report

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When a person is born, the stars and the heavens were at a precise position. They were aligned in a unique way. It is so unique that each person’s birth corresponds to a particular formation of the heavens. This is the concept upon which the birth chart or the natal wheel has been based.

Many people believe that life is what we make it. Further, they also believe that there is no such thing as destiny. However, if there is, it is something that is made by the person concerned. Destiny, according to many is a result of a person’s series of decisions in his life and should not be blamed for whatever a person has become.

Though some may believe such ideas, there are also many who have a strong belief in astrology. They believe in how the birth chart or the natal wheel works. They believe that the formation of the planets and the stars at the time of a person’s birth strongly influences his personality and what he is inclined to be in the future is somehow related to his birth chart.

Birth charts or natal wheels are a map of the heavens at a particular time that a person is born. These include the sun, moon, and planets. The birth chart is significant in a way that it explains that whatever is born at a particular moment will also possess the same characteristics that moment has. So how does one have accurate and effective readings of their natal charts?

It is believed that each one of us has a unique birth chart. The characteristics that one has cannot be the same as another person’s. That is why it is important to get a birth chart or natal wheel that is made and recommended by an authentic astrologer. It is important to note this because there might be birth charts that are not genuine and have only been made for profit making. It is best to order from a website that advertises such birth charts.

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A Birth Chart Wheel is composed of a variety of information such as planetary symbols, planetary house positions, and the interrelationship of the sun, moon, and planets to the next. It is usually shown in a form of a zodiac wheel containing the planets which are positioned in the midst of a wheel of 12 Houses and you are in the middle or at the heart of the wheel. These wheels symbolize the cycles that all living things have undergone periodically on this planet while the symbols shown stand for the astrological signs, planets and, other birth chart factors representing forces which may influence your life at any given time.

These astrological aspects stand for a coded set of drives in your subconscious which may be triggered and brought to your consciousness by instances in your life, providing you with a variety of choices that are determined by your character. Understanding the symbols that make up the chart reveals these characters.

The birth charts, also known as natal chart or astrology chart, give astrologers a diagram of the heavens at the moment you were born, from the point of view of your birth coordinates. It provides a visual illustration of the planets and their arrangement at the time of your birth from the location of your birth.  The natal chart is used by astrologers as its vital starting point in interpreting an astrological profile. The birth chart is interchangeably referred to as a horoscope.

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Astrology is a vast study of the planets and stars and all the heavenly bodies surrounding us. This has come up with different analogies and signs and came up with natal charts. As explained, natal chart are the ones that tell us what and who we are as a person basing on where, what time, and what date we were born. It tells us of the different aspects of our being.

It can tell about our career and wealth. Money and wealth, after all, are among the many topics that people find interesting to know. Many people would love to know if they will have a positive cash flow, if they can earn good money by themselves, or if they will just inherit the money. With the help of the natal charts, they will possibly know their potentials in acquiring money. But in order to be rich, one must not only know his potential, but must also work hard for money to come. You must have the intellectual ability, the will to victory, and industry for reaching your goals. You must never give up if you want to achieve something.

Regarding the natal chart, we must analyze first the money houses in your natal chart to know if you really are lucky in terms of wealth, money, and career. The houses include the II house which tells about our financial situation and our attitude towards money. The VIII house concerns money and assets of our spouses or partners. Lastly, the IX house deals with money and assets received from our business and career.

The different rulers of these houses take some special places in the natal charts. Your situation will be known after analyzing the rulers regarding their places, aspects, and positions by signs and houses. You must pay attention to the planets found within the house.

If you have a full II house, it tells us that money and material wealth play an important role your life and you will be stimulated to earn and save up more money. If your VII house is full, you are likely to receive inheritance or your partner or spouse will help in acquiring money, or your money is gained due to investments.

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