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Our birthdate, unbeknown to many, hold a lot of relevance in our life, at least according to birth charts and astrology. Astrology chart and natal chart tell a lot of things about our personality, career, love life, and the possible events that may occur in our lives in the coming days. This is something that some people may find doubtful but the number of people who are showing great interests in what their birth charts and free horoscopes have to say about them and their lives spark a lot of interests among its followers.

The birth chart is considered the astrological key for our self-discovery. This is where important points in our destiny and our karma are being recognized as they come closely related to us by the date and place of our birth. There are a lot of elements in our birth chart which come into play before we can be given our interpretation of the birth chart and these factors affect greatly our individual characteristics and tendencies.

Astrologers explain the significance of our birth chart to our lives. According to them, our birth chart is designed based on the day and place that we were born and the current planet transit and planet positions help determine the personal traits that we possess. These are what make up our birth charts. With these information provided and needed to have our own birth chart, it implies that our birth chart is unique to us. There are no birth chart which is alike and this is gives us the explanation that each one of us is unique in our own way.

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Whether we admit it or not, some people will always rely on astrology for guidance. It cannot be helped. Want proof?

Check the newspapers, TV, and radio. What these mediums report will always ruin your day.

More often than not, what you will see, hear or read won’t always be palatable to the senses.

Matter of fact, life’s trials will always force people to react adversely. And the effect will tip the balance between good versus evil. It’s nature. Crime will always happen when injustice is done.

That is why people are always looking for alternatives. They need to find something good in life. They need to feel safe and sheltered. And people find that in astrology.

Now, what is in astrology that people find fascinating, and how does this positively influence lives?

The answer is simple. Astrology charts the movements of the stars based on your birth and/or birthplace.

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