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As traditionally believed, the time of birth determines the exact location of two of the most significant symbols in the astrology chart. These are the very fast moving Ascendant and the Midheaven and both make a full cycle through all the 12 signs of the zodiac every 24 hours. It means these two significant points also determine the placement of the planets in the 12 houses of astrology.

The rising zodiac sign is called defined as the Ascendant on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. It represents the exact dawning of your life on Earth. It is where you find your most natural expression in the world. It is also believed to be the analogous to an outer doorway that leads to our innermost and private sanctum we most normally keep hidden away from others. It reflects a person’s natural way of acting, habitual external behavior and ways to respond to new impulses and impressions. Sometimes, we often find difficulty in recognizing these traits or character as being a part of us. That is why Ascendant or our rising sign plays an important part in our character birth chart. You can carefully observe yourself over a period of time if you really want to know the “real you” and that is the time when Ascendant characteristics become clear to us. It is the great foundation of our personality.

There is a point on your birth chart or natal chart that reflects your public reputation and how you would like to be introduced or seen by others in society, it is called the Midheaven. It said to be the analogous to a flag waving from the highest tower of your castle and it reflects your chosen career or some other avocation or interest to which you ascribe import. It is also called ‘the persona’, the outer or external and impersonal mask that we construct to protect the true inner core of our personality from the everyday bumps and bruises of the external or what we call “the real world”.

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As per astrology, your birth chart sign is that sign on which the Sun was placed on your birthday. Sun sign is what gives astrologers predictions about your personality. It helps them identify your deep character, the stamp of your most basic energies, and potential for religious growth.

Astrology chart or birth chart is a horoscope that explains the position of the celebs and planets during the time and place you were born. It can also be called the natal chart, nativity chart, natus chart, radix and genethliac chart. In this tool, astrologers will see a reflection of your potential, propensity and potentialities in your life. The astrologer captures the precise astronomical positions of stars and planets at the individual’s birth date and time. This data allows the astrologers to forecast events and opportunities in one’s life just like the past life, relationships and future.

Each birth date, time and place help you compromise on who you truly are and why such things come back about. Birth charts can interpret temperament in which it is irrespective of what your strengths and weaknesses or your inner character. Natal charts can also analyze the compatibility between you and your partner. In terms of career, some people raise for birth charts to see their future career or profession. Although there is quite a few factors that may additionally have an effect on the accurateness of the readings of birth chart, or astrology chart like the precise time and place you were born.

Forecast gathered through the use of birth charts solely serve up as your guide and to not be thought to be your final destiny or fate. As said by most astrologers, this serves only as a guide so do not let the results gain absolute management over your life.

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The Rising Sign which is commonly known as the Ascendant is the sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth. This approximately changes every two hours. All of us have different ascendants and twins are not an exception. This can also make a real difference in each horoscopes and so in their personalities. It is not that easy to calculate your rising sign by hand as it needs several sets of tables.

Likewise, the Ascendant is also known as the mask of the persona and the first impression we make on those we meet. The qualities of the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon imprints on the outer self as we emerge into the world. And each time we encounter a new situation or a person, this is the face we reveal.

If you have ever been wondered by how others describe you, it could be that they have encountered the Rising sign qualities. It is the image facing outward and might not be how you see yourself at all. It is said to be the front door of the self, but as much a part of the personality as the Sun sign.

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Your Natal Chart reveals your Fortune in 2011

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During the previous decades, a number of people had complained about the credibility and accuracy of using Natal Chart to predict one’s horoscope. However, these people who questioned the accuracy of natal chart do not know that they had been putting the wrong data on the chart. One must have knowledge in appropriate ways to use the Chinese natal charts which is also known as “birth charts”. But despite of some people who question birth chart readings, still the number of people who believe in this astrology chart is still countless and enormously increasing. It is because most of us are very much eager to know what lies ahead or what will happen next. Say for an instance the prediction in the coming years. Everybody wants to know what signs will be on top while which signs will be on below.

What is a Natal/Birth Chart? Natal chart give insight into what a person is all about. It can be accurate through its three very important concepts. It can be erect and interpret through the foundation of astrological thoughts such as signs of the zodiac, planets and houses.

To make your 2011 prediction possible, you must know what type of element you are and what your lucky element is through your astrology birth chart. You must understand that the lucky element is the major factor to determine ones’ fortune. 2011 is the Year of White Metal Rabbit which consists of Metal and Wood. If you are under the lucky element of metal or wood then 2011 will bring you some degree of luck.

According to Five Elements theory, Wood and Metal have fighting relationship and they are conflict elements. So it is understand that if your lucky element is Wood then Metal should be an unlucky element. This means that most people will gain some and lose some in 2011, unless female Metal or Rabbit have some special relationships with the birth chart. Female Metal have attraction relationship into Water which presents the job. This may give good career luck in 2011 for people under this element.

On the other hand, animal sign Rabbit and Dog have attraction relationship into Fire and Rabbit of 2011 makes the Fire even stronger which can melt down the Money Metal. This means that Money Metal will be damaged which also explains that there are people who will have some money income first but will spend or lose it in the end. These are the people who will have a good love relationship because they will lose their money on love events.

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