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The signs of zodiacs and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of a certain event is what we called the Ascendant signs or the rising sign. The Sun sign under these Ascendant signs are ruled by certain planets. To make a better understanding about the Ascendant signs, it is the planet that is closely in the first house which makes an effect in zodiac signs according to its placement.


These are the ascendant signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. They are noted for their heated energy, optimism and enthusiasm. People ruled by these fire signs possess good public relation figures. Some of their positive attributes are being friendly and respectful to others. You may check some of their personality traits by using a birth chart.


These are the ascendant signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. They are noted for their practicality and security. They are shy, serious and cautious by nature. Taurus on the other hand is risers that are quite most sociable of the three Earth Signs. They are usually inclined with musical and artistic. Virgos always look for something that interests them while Capricorns are workaholic and social addicts. They are usually nice and suggest a tactful persona.

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Birth chart (also known as astrology chart) is a horoscope that describes the position of the planets during the time and place you were born. It can tell many things with regard to your personality, relationship and career. It is a reflection of your propensity and potentialities in your life. Through the captured precise astronomical positions of stars and planets at your date and time of birth, astrologer can use it to predict events and opportunities in your life just like your past life, relationships and future.

Birth chart as being called by others a natal chart, could be a modified horoscope reading based on your birth date, time and place. This personal information can help you compromise on who you truly are and why such things come back about. This chart can interpret your temperament through your inner character. It can also analyze the compatibility between you and your partner. While some use birth charts to see their future career or profession.

However, there few factors that can affect the accurateness of the readings of birth charts like the precise time and place you were born. Understanding and knowledge of birth chart serves up as your guide and not to be thought as your final destiny or fate. Do not let the results rule over your life because our future still lies in our hands. Birth chart readings stand like help, advices or somewhat a warning.

On the other hand, there is this Sun Sign that can also be relevant to your birth chart. Your Sun Sign marks your deep character, potential for non secular growth and the stamp of your most elementary energies. Other necessary signs that can be a big factor in your birth chart reading is your Ascendant or rising sign, Ruling Planet, Moon Sign and signs of the opposite planets and sensitive points in the chart such as the Half of Fortune and the Moon’s nodes.

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How Zodiac Signs Influence your Natal Chart

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People are deeply embedded with emotion reactions which are automatic and usually beyond control. Astrology through horoscopes or zodiac signs reveals how a person reacts to outside stimuli.

The moon has an intimate relationship in a natal chart as it moves through the twelve zodiac signs.

Aries – This personality is incorporated with standing out when entering a room. Its explosive reactions can help contain most situations when the need arises. Its added ability to sum up situations is quicker than most people.

Taurus – It possesses the gift of an honest to goodness, down to earth and non-judgmental attitude and people love being around this character. This person is born with a natural, slow and easygoing nature. Its flexibility and being resistant to change is a great benefit.

Gemini –This person is naturally gifted with an excellent insight and into how others really thick. Its emotional reactions are very swift and analytical, usually cooler and detached – unless there are one or more water signs in the birth chart.

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