Astrology Chart Analysis for most scandalous celebrities today

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From recent news that most people are much affected on what they have seen in media, everyday there are news about the famous celebrities that every one are looking up to. According to the hottest gossip about the scandal between the Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and her husband alleged having an affair with another woman.

Psychic readers who are specializing in astrology and birth chart analysis recently give their share of astrology chart reading to the actress. Sandra Bullock (born July 26th, 1964 at 3:15 AM in Washington DC), from their analysis Sandra Bullock is a Gemini increasing with ascendant degree at 17 degrees 10 minutes in Gemini sign. In accordance with the astrology reading the rising lord Mercury is in Ketu’s constellation in 7th house and Ketu is accepted strongly by 5th house lord Venus signifying entertainment and movies.

From another specialist in natal chart added that Ketu is in addition aspected by 6th house lord of separation and 11th house lord of gains and fulfillment of desires, Mars. The 10th house cusp falls in Aquarius at 26 degrees and 43 minutes (placidus house system). That the Transit Saturn from Virgo is aspecting the natal Rahu, natal Mars, and natal Venus in her ascendant sign Gemini in which according to their predictions that will came up eventually the infidelity issues within the time of their married life. Fans and people around the world think of this as the answer why some celebrities have experienced dilemma in their life.

Source : Oped News