Charity Event for Grendon Cat Shelter

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The Cottage for Healing Center and Alison Chester-Lambert will be holding a charity event for the benefit of the Grendon Cat Shelter.

Grendon Cat Shelter is a web-based cat rescue center that has been rescuing, taming, neutering, catching, and re-homing cats and kittens in UK. Launched in 2000, the shelter has been giving homes for over 5, 000 abandoned cats which were rescued from all over the country.

The Charity will be offering angel cards, tarot, and astrology readings for those who will come. A 30-minute reading will cost £10. The organizers said the services they offer were certainly cheap so that more people will come and participate.
Four famous readers will come to grace the event and these are Jo Davis, Donna Wallace Ruff, Sue Orchard, and Alison Chester-Lambert herself. All the events’ proceeds will be handed over to Jean Rowe, the shelter manager on the same day.
The said event is set to take place at the Cottage Healing Center on Linchfield Road in Tamworth on Sunday, the 31st of October. The event will start at 10am and will last until 4pm.
The organizers are looking forward to seeing many cat lovers in the said event. According to them, one of the reasons why they have decided to put up the said event, aside from helping their chosen shelter, is to raise awareness to the people in the community about cats.

Cat awareness programs have been very active around the world. Animal welfare programs have been bothered by how animals are being treated nowadays which lead them to make a concerted move in saving them, particularly the cats. Advertisements, both in print and media, can be seen scattered around the city. Various charity events, talks, and seminars are also given for this purpose.

Large companies and organizations are also into selling clothing and stationary products with their groups’ cause printed on them to reach a wider market. The proceeds go directly to the said organizations to increase their funds and be able to help and rescue more cats and other animals.


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