Corporate consult astrologers

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From Deccan Herald states that corporate just like ordinary people consult astrologers to figure out how to cope with their problems. Like Rakesh Agarwala (name changed) was in a fix when his newly formed company was incurring huge losses in the wake of the economic recession, compelling him to seriously consider closing down the business.

However things started looking changed after he wanted advice from a corporate astrologer who recommended that he re-incorporate the company and within six months thereafter, the company was back in the black.

Agarwala acknowledged, “I never believed in astrology. But, after this experience, before taking any step, I seek guidance from my astrologer.”

Popular company like ‘Sugar & Spice’ recently changed their name to ‘Sugarr & Spice’. Pradip Kumar Ghosh who assists businessmen turn over a new leaf by offering them astrological guidance an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) consultant by profession, he strongly believes that the fortune of a company is often determined by planetary configurations and their earthly effects at a specified point of time.

Claims Ghosh,  “And, believe me, it is applicable to all living beings also.” US-based Mathew Currie, who is a  practicioner of corporate astrology for decades, believes that corporations are also people. “There are few things in life more fun for me than to read the birth chart of a corporation. They follow more or less all the same rules as your chart and mine do, but experience has taught me corporations have a lot less free will than the average client,” according to Currie.

Source : DeccanHearald