Counteract your bad luck with Feng shui

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Every New Year people around the world are taking a prediction from feng shui masters on what the whole year might lay ahead of them. Statement from the World of Feng Shui (WOFS) boutique director Liew Shaw Pin, said that 2010 will bring back and forth a challenging and competitive year of the tiger. “This is a year when everyone will be competing with one another for jobs, wealth and such like. It’ll be a year when you may find your best friend or even close colleague stabbing you in the back while some people may lose their jobs or get retrenched,” he added. This as he said because of the absence of the significant ‘lap chun’ this year.

The ‘lap chun’ is usually on either February 4 or 5 every year, it is the first day of the spring in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Since the Chinese New Year falls on February 14, however it doesn’t means that spring is not coming this year. The Chinese believe a New Year without spring indicates a weak year ahead, and it will not going to be an important development without the spring, Liew explained.

Liew also stated that the unbalanced point of the Paht Chee, because of the water missing on the birth chart and astrology chart. Paht Chee charts was based on the four pillars of an individual’s birth chart.

“Thus, there are eight characters generated from the four pillars of the birth data, the Yin Earth, Yin Wood, Yang Earth, Yang Metal, Rabbit Wood, Rooster Metal, and two Tiger Woods.” Liew said.

Source : The Borneo Post