Midlands School of Astrology Future Events

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A lot of people have been on the lookout for new event s that will provide them further knowledge about astrology and birth chart. In Midlands School of Astrology, a list of events for the whole year and the year to come has been made available to give those who are interested to join a chance to prepare and make their reservations.

For the month of November, Midlands School of Astrology is offering a Tuesday Evening Astrology Workshop. The said event is especially organized to give the astrology enthusiasts a chance to meet and exchange ideas with their fellow enthusiasts. There will also be lectures regarding the cutting edge astrology research which will provide the enthusiasts update about the new offerings of astrology. There will also be astrology of current affairs, natal astrology, planetary discovery and information, space weather, and latest science as well.

This event is sure to interest the enthusiasts for aside from the mentioned information, there will also be Etruscan and Sumerian knowledge that will be discussed. These are new and fresh information that only those who will choose to join will be able to access.

The said event is to take place at 43 St. Georges Way, Tamworth B77 3HH at 7:00pm. Ticket price is £12 and payments can be made online through PayPal. All payments are non-transferable or refundable so you should be certain that you will be able to come. For inquiries, the organizers can be reached through the following numbers: 01827 68288 or 07767 810889. You can also call these numbers for reservations.

Other events and seminars from the Midlands School of Astrology will be made available in their website. There are events that will be offered in the earlier parts of the coming year so those who are interested are advised to keep posted.

Source : Midlands School of Astrology