Natal Chart Used to Tell the Position of Planets in your Life

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Natal chart is always referred to as the birth chart, natus, nativity, radix and other astrological names that anyone can think of. According to Natal Astrology it is described as one kind of horoscope or astrological chart that refers to an individual’s personality according to the given details about the birth time and place.

There are many things they practice in astrology to find out about a person’s signs, star positions, how it affects them and any data that gives promising details for them. There are many ways on how you can determine your astrological natal horoscope. A horoscope is a kind of wheel that resembles a clock in which the key here is your technical information and that a professional astrologer would use to delineate and forecast your data for you.

It will give you the idea about your natal aspects, which are the ways the sun, moon, and planets relate to one another. And there are many terms used in this aspect, the most common here is the semi-sextile, sextile, trine, square or even the conjunction and inconjuct.

Explaining someone’s basic natal horoscope would take many sheets of data, and this is the reason why each chart is far unique. There are also ways on how you can shorten the process without going to a professional astrologer.

In order for you to get a good set of information, you need to be specific on the information like, accuracy of birth time, birth date and the birth place with the position of the stars upon birth which is need to accurately define the ascendants, descendant or the midheaven. Natal charts are really great and it comes in handy, it gives your warning and foresight on what is ahead.