The Perfect Constellation

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From the recent surveys most people especially in India have a strong fate that the future is determined by the constellation of planets and start at the time of their birth in birth chart. In fact once a woman born her child both the parents and grandparents seek for an astrologers to have the first astrology readings to their new born baby, then according to what the predictions the psychic medium said, they will use this like a pattern to the child’s future. The child birth chart or astrological chart is the one thing that the parents will have to see to know what they child personality is.

A recent conversation between the Indian economies with the chairman of a large US-based MNC who was visiting India, said that India is now at its great point in terms of their economy, they have move on with the economic crisis perhaps with luck.

However the questions are still lingering in the mind that if this like a pattern and what’s written on the stars. From the figures and data that have been reported the India’s GDP development in the last 45 years from the period (1965-74) with the average GDP growth was 3.1 per cent. After 30 years the GDP growth increase in each decade (1975-84, 1985-94, 1995-04) to 4.9 per cent, 5.5 per cent and 6.1 per cent. And the first five years of the current decade (2005-14) saw the GDP growth increase further to 7.9 this according to specialists was unbelievable since lots of country suffers from economic crisis.

Source : Business Standard