The Questionable Accuracy of Birth Chart Readings

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There are three major factors needed for an accurate and individualized birth chart reading. A birth chart is a personalized horoscope of person which provides prediction on different sides of one’s life such his/her love life, opportunities, career, health and more. Its accuracy is highly dependent in the birth date, the time of birth and the place of birth. So it is imperative that you must provide these significant details.

Birth chart is basically a tool used in astrology to gain detailed information about a person’s whole personality based on the relevant data given like the date, time and place of birth. False information affects the entirety of the birth chart reading. Take note that birth chart does not guarantee 100% reliability. It means that you should not depend on what your birth chart tells you. Do not let yourself be dictated by the predictions because your birth chart is just a part of the divination in mythology where scientific meaning has not been established and proven yet.

A birth date is one of the essentials in birth reading as it determines the position of the stars and the planets at the very same day you were born. Each movement of the planet corresponds to single second so they are consciously moving at no specific time. It means that even a minute difference in time of birth can make a considerable effect in the result of you birth chart reading. Since birth charts are basically geocentric, it means that they are based on earth. To clarify the position of the planets, sun and moon, it is essential to locate the time of your birth and so with the place.

The accuracy of birth chart reading is most often questioned by many doubtful people. But still, there are many other people who truly believe in its relevance to life, love and career. But only those who have the knowledge and used the method can witness its accuracy.

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