The Rule of Three Author Launches Astrology Analysis: Spotting Themes in Birth Chart

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Donna Cunningham is an internationally respected Astrologer with over 40 years of experience in the field once said, “An old rule says that for an Astrological interpretation to be true, one must be able to see it being expressed in three ways in the charts. If you see it once, it is only a possibility, if you see it twice, it becomes more likely, but if you see the same theme on a third try, that interpretation then becomes a probability.”

She refers to interpretation of charts as something that is composed of signs and house placements of the zodiac signs and as well as a certain portion of planetary aspects. Her new book Astrological Analysis discusses in detail the areas that we see in birth charts. Signs like repetitions in the birth chart has significant equivalent interpretations that may or may not follow on the kind of interpretation if not look thoroughly and carefully.

According to her, a sample calculations or this would be; the concentration of the Pisces planets, plus the Sun and Moon in the 12th house and several aspects to Neptune would make a person highly Neptunian. Or you may check the theme of Neptune, Pisces and the 12th would, thereby interpreting a strong representation of an individual’s life, whether in a positive way or vice versa.

The goal of the Astrology Analysis book as interpreted and discussed by Donna Cunningham deals with people who are curious in their future. Just like other astrologers with different stints in many areas of media, you can look for Donna’s regular column advice online at Dell Horoscope Magazine or you can reach her discuss whatever it is you wanted to know for your personal use.

Source : Moon Maven Publications