What Venus in Taurus Signifies in a Birth Chart?

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The placement of the Planet Venus at time of our birth highly influenced our looks, attitude and approach on love and relationships. There are several website on the internet that provides the service of generating personal birth chart for free. You can get your birth chart prediction in just few seconds of time by merely entering data like your name, place, time and date of birth.

Individuals with Venus in Taurus appreciate the pleasure of five senses and appear to be solid and comfortable from the exterior. They are much inclined with stability and predictability in relationships and from their partners. They are not into many changes to take place in the personal equation they share with their partner.

They cannot control over the surroundings whenever there are fast changing situations that rattle them. It is also observed that people with placement of Venus in their birth chart has a negative attitude of being possessive with their partner.

On the other hands, some of its positive attributes are being loyal and devoted towards their partner. People under this placement complete commitment towards the family. They are honest and are not into much drama. In addition, they cannot be pushed around easily and like partners who are unique and original.

In terms of friendship, they are often reliable and always give a hand to whomever friends that needed them. Close friends are aware of the fact that display of patient has a significant role to play in deciding the fate of their relationship.
As an effect, Taurus zodiac influences these people in such a manner that they look for unfolding of events on their own in all the aspects of life and the facet of relationships is no exception.

Celebrities under Venus in Taurus are Johnny Depp, Steffi Graf, Prince William, Princess Diana and George Lucas.

Source : Astrology YGOY