Astrology is just too deep for a subject but it has been made easier to understand by many astrologer and psychics because they wanted to impart the mystical knowledge and the magnificent power of astrology. The language of Astrology came from different aspects , that is the signs, houses, and the planets. These three factors refers to three different and specific dimension of experience.

As we discuss further there are three things as well that are in concern of the questions that needed answers. The Sun and Moon and Ascendant provide us with details about this. The Sun and Moon’s placement are going to be investigated to find some clues on what are the functions and aspects of character that are implied by the sign and house placement of the sun and moon.

And the Ascendant’s what our expressed personality is. The Sun in the chart is in the gravitational center of our human personality and it is our innate desire to be and to realize our human self and creative minds. The expression of our identity is in reference to our health, well being and vitality.

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The Ascendant signs or the rising sign – is the zodiacal sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event. There are certain planets that are ruled by the sun sign under the Ascendant signs. As we all know, the ascendant or a rising planet is the planet that is neared in the first house. In zodiac signs, there is an effect of the ascendant in the zodiac according to its place.

Ascendant fire Signs
– These are the signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius and they are noted for its heated energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Fire signs are people with good public relation figures. They are usually friendly and respectful for others, check some of the stuff that you read by using a birth chart.

Ascendant Earth Signs – These are for signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They are noted for their security and practicality, and naturally they are shy, serious and cautious. For Taurus, they are risers that are quite most sociable of the three Earth Signs, and are usually musical or artistic. Virgos are always looking for something that interests them, while Capricorns are work and social addicts. They are usually pleasant and they suggest a tactful persona.

Ascendant Air Signs – Air signs goes for Gemini, Libra and Aquarious. They are noted for their great communication skills. Quite sociable and friendly and they are very independent. Gemini is a riser and constantly busy, while the Libra riser always busiest himself with so many business schemes.

Ascendant Water Signs – The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and they are noted for their emotion, intuition and feelings. A water sign is on the ascendant even if they are inclined to hide their true feelings and have a strong need to protect them.

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Element Balance on Birth Chart Wheel

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Birth chart or horoscope are usually translated using a wheel which has symbol for each cycles that goes through it in a period of time. The basic structure of the world as we all know are elements that completes the in depth meaning of what Astrology defines in the birth chart.

As J. Lee Lehman expressed before, author of Classical Astrology for Modern Living, he arguably said that the elements that was used in astrology are of classical Greek origin and has the same meaning as they have in cosmology and in science. These are the elements that are abundant and have been with us since our existence, classified as being of the nature of either air, fire, earth and water.

The four elements are known to be the source of energy of life. In the birth chart, the mixes of elements show your core existence in your life. Each element behaves in a different way and is of relation to each one quality.

Elements balance everything that is under our birth charts, there is a group classification of these signs that are of benefit for people who are into Psychic and fee zodiac reading.

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Birth chart or horoscope as they call it is always shown in a wheel form. The wheel or the chart wheel as the astrologers call it, is a circle that shows a different symbols. There is a corresponding symbol called glyphs that is displayed and stand as the astrological sign for the corresponding houses, planets and signs that may affect you life at any time.

Each symbol is of different houses. Each house has a certain number that begins from one to twelve. And each of the houses refers to a specific environmental influence and is called cusps (power points). It represents a circumstance that is used for a person to deal with in his or her lifetime.

If you will take a look of a sample chart wheel, you will see that the cusps of the house indicated between the rims on the outer part of the wheel, with the degree in bold type, is followed by the glyph of the appropriate sign.

While there is the houses that correspond with your particular symbol and signs, there is also the aspects that rules this characters. When the planets move around the sphere of the zodiac, it actually interacts with each other. And the Geometrical relationships that are formed are called Aspects. Aspects are considered as applying when the faster planet is approaching the slower, or separating, when the faster planet is moving away from the exact, or partile aspect with the slower one. An applying aspect is usually considered more favourable than a separating aspect.

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Introduction to Birth Chart Synthesis

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When birth charts or natal charts are discussed, there are some few things that crossed our minds. And that is, how does a certain chart ever been used as a form of knowing someone and determining their future. Somehow these unexplainable things are not the things that bothered some Philosophers and other ancestors with their personal beliefs but rather the practice that goes with it.

There are Astrological explanations that have evolved in this field and there are so many followers who are into this practice until now. Some few things that is great to know is that there are certain method in which the birth chart or a natal chart is being organize in order to interpret its meaning.

What others do is that Astrologers had to Erect or cast the natal chart and begins by getting the basic information that he needs. He would start by determining the exact coordinates of the place of birth, and with the use of Ephemerides and Table of Houses, the calculation of planets and houses in the ecliptic are also addressed. And finally, by drawing the horoscope itself or the casting of natal chart will commenced.

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Chinese astrology is often based on the traditional astronomy and calendars, unlike the regular form of astrology; it does not calculate the directions or movements of the celestial bodies at the time of birth. Chinese astrology is interpreted using the influences of the astronomical readings, and theories.

According to a study of the historical roots of the Chinese Birth Chart, it was said that it was buried in a royal tomb in Beijing for over 700 years ago, and it was allegedly stated that the Institute of Science in Beijing has been keeping the original copy of the first Chinese Birth Chart. It was even believed to be almost precised if used according to the rule of the charts usage.

Chinese birth charts are commonly used for different purposes, including: identifying the gender of the child, determining the time of birth basing it on the Chinese lunar calendar. Unlike other natal charts, specifically the ones created in modern and progressive countries in western region, Chinese Birth chart differ in its usage and form and the basis of its calculations and predictions. Whilst western natal charts used astrology to form a prediction, Chinese birth charts practiced the use of old tradition.

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The Concept of Natal Astrology

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Did you know that your birth date and place can play significant roles in your life? This is what natal chart is trying to explore. This ancient tradition can be rooted back in Indian, Chinese and Western cultures. Let’s discuss more the concept of birth charts.

Natal astrology also known as genethliacal astrology is a branch of astrology which focuses on the construction of a birth chart for the precise date, time and location of an individual’s birth. After the creation of the natal chart, the process of interpretation begins. This involves determining the person’s personality or fate using the data collected. The person undergoing this process is referred to as the ‘native’.

Interpretation is a complex process. It involves identifying the distinct features of the chart, chart weighting and chart shaping. the first step which entails noting special characteristics can help to initially determine the positions of the heavenly bodies which dictates the native’s personality.

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Birth chart and its accuracy

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There are many archetypes of horoscopes accessible especially online, but the ones which are most followed are the twelve zodiac symbols and houses and the birth chart reading. That according to most of the experts astrologers and psychic medium,are quite accurate than any method of astrology reading. There are followers of Sun centered or Earth centered forms of astrology and Sidereal zodiac system. Statement common of the astrologers these days are of the view that the stars and planets work in synchronization with the earthly occurrences, there is a perfect harmony between the earth and other celestial bodies. One’s destiny or the fortune lies with one that he can actually and in fact develop or diminish the effect of the planets. A horoscope is a birth chart which is prepared by calculating the time and place of birth and the position planets and stars. The position of earth in relative to the sun and the other planets at the time of birth is in use keen on account at the same time as doing the calculations. Each horoscope is only one of its kind and different and the planetary alignments are not frequent for 26 thousand years, this fissure or age is referred to as the vast sidereal year.

There is lots of website that you can go and explore when it comes to availing birth chart reading. Nevertheless you need to take a lot of consideration before having the decisions and start to talk to a psychic medium. If you are really interested on availing any method of psychic reading you need to be responsible at the same time. Make sure to know that this is just guidance and assistance and not a hundred percent accurate for you to imply in your daily life.

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The birth chart in the astrology signs are configured to give the impression of being the way they did when you were born. This is the bottom of your natal chart. A chart has numerous components. First, the divided circle, looking like a pie chart, will show the Zodiac signs and the Houses. The Houses are in an independent, concentric (adjective: Having a common center) ring, it is similar to a circle surrounded by a circle. The Houses make available the home for the Zodiac on the other hand, the Houses stay behind self-governing. According to the expert’s astrologers and psychics the 1st “Planet” manifest on your chart is not a Planet in the least, it is the Sun. The sun comes first in view of the fact that the locations of the Sun make a decision what Zodiac sign you are in general. Every Planet (and that includes the Sun and Moon) will straighten out in a House. That planet is then confirmed to preside over that house.

Every one astrological signs of the 12 Houses orders a different surface of life. When a Planet falls within a House, it is definite that Planet is leaving to have a large pressure in excess of that surface of your life further than no matter what zodiac tendencies you have. A Natal Chart on the whole is your birth signs the oriental matching part of the occidental branch. Vedic Astrology Natal Chart is also known as janma kundali or janam kundli. It is designed and geared up on the foundation of an individual’s date of birth, exact time of birth including the precise second of birth, the astrological positions of stars, planets and other celestial bodies for the duration of that individual’s second of birth and so on.

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According to the experts’ astrologers and psychic medium your birth sign is the sun sign or zodiac that was associated on your birthday. This sign marks your universal character identified to the ordinary people, the trample of your mainly primary energies, and a possible for your divine increase. For that reason, there were an additional extremely important sign which takes in your Ascendant or rising sign. Moon sign and the other astrological signs of the other planets and responsive points in the birth chart for instance the Part of Fortune and the Moon’s nodes are a number of of these expensive signs.

Each and every one of these is the signs that poised the birth chart. Your birth chart, is more often than not exposed in the form of a wheel that symbolizes the cycles every so often identified to your life or to the other living things on earth. The symbols well-known as glyphs was displayed which situate for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors on behalf of forces be able to have an effect on your life at some prearranged time.

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